Kakashi Cosplay Anime Protector Role Playing Props


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Naruto Headbands Specification:

Kakashi Cosplay Anime Specification are as follows

Material: Metal, Polyester

Style: Costumes

Size: One size

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Kakashi is the best ninja ever. He is a Jonin, an elite ninja and the leader of Team 7. Kakashi has many cool abilities such as the Sharing an, which allows him to copy any jutsu, and the Chidori, which has a lightning based sword that is devastating on the battlefield. Kakashi has also a very skilled ninja and a great leader. The Cosplay Anime Protector Role Playing Props by anime has made of high quality silicone material and soft foam, which is light and easy to put on, comfortable to wear, safe and durable. You can use this product as a cosplay or as protection props when you play similar games. The package includes: 1 x Anime Protector This is an example of how to use an abstract product. This is a product for a game publisher named "White Wolf" and their newest game named "A World of Darkness".

The product is not actually a physical product, but rather a service provided by the company. In this case, the abstract product is the game itself. We provide high quality products, and we will try our best to serve you. The product description of Kakashi Cosplay Anime Protector Role Playing Props by anime is as follows: This has a beautiful anime prop based on the character Kakashi. When you wear it, you will be more attractive and eye-catching in any cosplay show. You can also use this prop for Halloween, theme party, movie props and more. It will bring you much fun. Kakashi Cosplay Anime Protector Role Playing Props has made of high quality material. The product is designed to protect your phone from damage, dust and scratch. The product can use in any outdoor activities. The product comes with a strap, so you can carry it easily.


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