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The Akatsuki symbol is among the most iconic symbols in the Naruto universe. The Akatsuki logo is a circle with nine swirls around it. The swirls can interpret as the nine members of the criminal organization Akatsuki. The flaming swirl in the middle is said to represent the man who started Akatsuki, Pain. The symbol has usually used on clothing and jewelry items. The Naruto Akatsuki T shirt Graphic Tees by Naruto has designed by the creator of Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto. A print of the Akatsuki symbol has featured on the front of this shirt. The symbol is designed in an anime style with a flaming red background and a black outline. The Naruto Akatsuki T shirt Graphic Tees by Naruto is available in men's, women's, and kids' sizes.

The cool design of this Naruto Akatsuki T shirt Graphic Tees by Naruto is perfect for any fan of the anime. The Akatsuki is a group of Tailed Beast-recovery ninja. It had founded by Tobi after he claimed that he was the one who had killed Madara Uchiha. Its membership is secret and its headquarters have hidden. The members of the Akatsuki work in groups of two, with one acting as a lookout and the other as the actual tactician. The lookout wears a mask that has a swirl on it and sits on top of a high building overlooking their target. The lookouts have also tasked with giving their dead partner's headband to Tobi. Anyone who did so was to execute instantly, as this would lead to internal conflict. Only their second-in-command, Pain, knew their true identities. The group's symbol has a blood-red eye with a black pupil surrounded by a white border.


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Naruto Akatsuki T shirt Graphic Tees