Uchiha Kakashi Ninja Headband Logo Metal Plated


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Naruto Headband Specification:

Uchiha Kakashi Ninja Headband Specification are as follows

Material: Metal, Polyester

Style: Headband

Size: One size

Product Details:

The Uchiha family is a prestigious clan of fire users, and each member is known to be a master of their own element. The Uchiha clan symbol has represented in this metal headband. You can wear it to show your support for the Uchiha clan, or just because you love the design. The metal headband has made from metal and has the Uchiha clan symbol on it. So, It comes in one size. Kakashi Hatake has a fictional character from the anime and manga franchise Naruto created by Masashi Kishimoto. The fictional character Kakashi Hatake, who is an elite ninja in Konohagakure, has featured on this metal headband. So, Uchiha Kakashi Ninja Headband is a standard size metal headband with Uchiha Clan's symbol on it.

So, It has made of metal, so it is light weight – perfect for cosplay and everyday use. It comes with an elastic string to make it easy to adjust to fit your head size. This has a high-quality headband for cosplay. It has a metal plate of Uchiha Kakashi, the main character from anime "Naruto". The product has made from a high-quality fabric and therefore very comfortable to wear. So, The product description of Shopify by Shopify is as follows: Shopify lets you quickly create an online marketplace to sell your goods. With Shopify, you can upload your designs or products to the platform. Shopify will then publish your products online and handle the order fulfillment process. The Uchiha headband is the forehead protector worn by members of the Uchiha clan. So, It has made of a special material that is strong enough to withstand sharp weapons and can fold and stored inside a pouch on the user's back. The symbol on the forehead protector is the Uchiha clan symbol, which looks like a fan or a hand with three fingers.


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